The Dark Powers

Very few people in Barovia know that their land is ruled by unfathomable godlike beings called the Dark Powers. They manipulate events in Barovia for their own evil and mysterious purposes.

Each time a player’s character commits an evil act, there is a chance that the Dark Powers take notice and bestow upon that person their dark gifts. When you do an evil deed, the DM may call for a Dark Powers Check. If you fail the d20 check, you earn 1 point of Corruption. For each point of Corruption you earn, you move 1 step closer to losing your humanity. The DM will choose a bonus feat for you that increases your power, but also has a significant drawback and makes you appear more monstrous.

Minor Sins (you fail if you roll a natural 1)
Assault without Provocation
Assassinating an evil creature without fair warning
Torturing an enemy for information
Petty Theft from other PCs or from innocent people
Betraying an NPC who trusted you
Lying to a party member or to innocent people
Threatening a friend or a good-aligned person with violence
Robbing the grave of a Neutral or Good creature
Casting a spell that animates the dead or uses dark energy
Knowingly or accidentally using a magic item that is evil
Extortion and Blackmail
Witnessing someone commit a major sin and not doing anything about it
Sparing the life of an evil monster in return for information
Not sparing the life of an enemy when you previously said you would

Major Sins (you fail if you roll a natural 1 or 2)
Murder or Attempted Murder of a party member or a person who committed no crime
Assassinating a neutral or good creature
Torturing for the pleasure of it or more than is necessary
Stealing something of great value from a neutral or good creature
Breaking a Promise, an Oath, a Vow, or a Religious Code
Placing a permanent Curse on someone
Crafting a magic item that has evil powers
Betraying a party member to the forces of evil

Corruption Levels
0: Innocent
1: Unclean
2: Corrupted (Your alignment can no longer be Good)
3: Accursed
4: Beastly (Your alignment must become Evil)
5: Monster
6: Dark Lord (Your character is now a villain; you cannot play them anymore)

To remove a Corruption point, you must atone for the sin you committed by doing the reverse 3 times. For example, if you got a Corruption point by murdering someone, you must save the lives of 3 people to make amends. When you lose the Corruption point, you also lose the bonus feat.

The Dark Powers

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